Luxury Homes In Northern California

Trying To Sell Luxury Homes In Northern California? Make Sure They Have These 9 Things!


Flipping homes can bring in good money, especially in affluent areas. Southern California is a prime example, and there are entire television shows revolving around that area. However, the upper end of the state should not be ignored. Considering the booming tech industry and robust financial sector in the Bay Area, it can make a lot of sense (and money) to buy, flip, and sell luxury homes in Northern California. Allow us to guide you to the best luxury homes for sale in Sebastopol here. If you do pursue this, make sure they have at least some of the following 9 things:

1) Earthquake-resistance: Depending on the strength of a quake, it’s impossible to make a home that is sure to withstand everything the fault lines might throw at it. Still, tremors abound, and any home in this area needs to be somehow prepared for it.

2) A multi-car garage: Anyone who can afford a luxury home in this end of this state is probably going to have more than one car. Let everyone in the home have a chance to park in comfort and safety.


3) An elaborate swimming pool area: It’s not enough to have a pool. There should also likely be a spa or hot tub of some kind, along with an outdoor room or party and picnic area. Include custom lighting and stereo controls.

4) Open-space concept: The main floor of the home needs to be as free flowing as the California spirit. Also, space for yoga practice would be a great bonus.

5) A big master bedroom: Luxury home owners tend to sleep in large, luxurious beds. Make sure they have enough room and plenty of space for walking around it.

6) A master bathroom worthy of royalty: Double up on the sinks and counter and cabinet space. Have a tub and a shower. The only thing there should likely be one of is the toilet. A master bathroom is a must for any luxury homes for sale in Sebastopol.

7) A home gym: Californians like to stay in shape, but many only have time to do it at home. If you really want to blow them away, go ahead and include some exercise machines to come with the home, but also leave them room for customization of their own. A dedicated yoga space in a smaller room is a nice touch sure to appeal to many. Also, access to good chiropractors is an added bonus.

8) Guest rooms galore: Leave a family enough room to add a few members and still have visitors come. Families that live in California are more likely to have out-of-state relatives visit them than the other way around.How about adding a nursery for your newborn baby in your home.

9) A pet room: Pets might not ever stay in an assigned room, but if you put in a cat tree and dog furniture, most animals are likely to figure out this space is theirs to hang out in away from their humans. Even furry friends need time away from the hustle and bustle.

10) Studio: A photography studio to unravel the natural beauty of northern California would be a nice bonus.

11 ) Classy Kitchen : A great kitchen is also a hallmark of a true luxury home. After all without a place to prepare great food to nourish your family any home is incomplete.

When you put in or polish up any of these 11 features of luxury homes in Northern California, you should not have long before home shoppers make offers and turn into buyers.

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